Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work

A resource for employers, managers, and HR professionals seeking to create and sustain healthy, inclusive, and equitable workplace environments.


Let the CEO of Rework Work help you understand diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts to actively remove bias from the workplace

Dismantling unhealthy workplaces involves much more than talking about it, and more than charts, graphs, and statistics—it requires action. Although it’s increasingly common for businesses of all shapes and sizes to appreciate the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, many are often unaware of bias in the cultures they’ve created. Others might know there’s a problem, but don’t know how to properly address it.

UNBIAS: Addressing Unconscious Bias At Work helps you understand concepts of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion, shows you how to identify bias, and provides you with the tools for actively removing barriers and ensuring equity throughout your organization. Written by Stacey Gordon—CEO of Rework Work, a company on a mission to reduce bias in global talent acquisition and management—this real-world handbook offers step-by-step guidance on creating workplace cultures where employees feel they belong.

UNBIAS teaches you to:
  • Identify and address bias in the workplace
  • Understand what you can do to be more inclusive
  • Handle potentially uncomfortable conversations
  • Discuss race in an authentic and meaningful way
  • Use workplace-proven tools that make concepts of diversity and equity actionable
  • Help your employee resource groups without giving them extra work
  • Place accountability on organizational policies that allow biased behavior
UNBIAS is a must-have resource for all employers, managers, and HR professionals seeking to create and sustain healthy, inclusive, and equitable workplace environments.

Unbias available as an audiobook!

Unbias: Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work is now offered as an audiobook, available on AudibleBarnes and Noble and Amazon

About The Author


Chief Executive Officer

Stacey A. Gordon is an Executive Advisor and  Diversity Strategist who works to reduce bias in recruiting and barriers to hiring.

Leading at the intersection of recruiting, career development, diversity and workplace culture, Stacey has delivered keynote speeches globally and developed educational content that has engaged professionals both in-person and in a virtual environment. She focuses on reworking how companies work. That includes how they recruit, hire and engage women and BIPOC professionals.

Stacey is the creator of a course on unconscious bias, which is the second most viewed course across the LinkedIn Learning platform. 

It has also been translated into several languages for consumption globally.  She has been recognized by Pepperdine University as a Top 40 over 40 Leader, was a finalist for Los Angeles Business Journal’s Women Helping Women Award and was recognized by Forbes as a Top 3 Business Leader Who Spoke Out About Diversity & Inclusion.  

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